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Ultimate Colon Cleanse Buy Two, Get One FREE 

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Healthy Home


natural beautySt. Croix Valley Naturals - All-organic microwaveable warmers. Made in Minnesota from organic cotton and organic flax. Neck/Shoulder warmers, Back/Body warmers, Foot warmers, Eye Pillows and Computer Keyboard Pads. Use for heat or cold therapy.

Sleep & Beyond Happy Organic Comforters - Eco friendly certified organic comforters and merino wool products directly from the leading USDA & WOOLMARK certified manufacturer.

natural beautyRxair UV Air Purifier System, Fights bacteria and viruses so you don't have to.

natural beauty Serenity is a Canadian owned gift shop that specializes in health & wellness inspired gifts, home accessories and natural products. Our company was established and founded on the principle of sourcing products beneficial for overall health and well-being, for home decor and natural gift ideas.

Air Purifier Guide -We are a consumer focused site educatating the public on the realistic benefits of air purification products.

Solay Gourmet 84 Mineral Rich, Sun Washed, Sun Dried Himalayan Salts, Gourmet Organic Granola with Himalayan salts and more. 10% off code: Happy - online retailer of air purifiers, allergy bedding, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and other healthy home products.

Natural Salt Lamps - Gently purify and improve your indoor air with Solay Salt Crystal Lamps. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Fresh Air Machine -Air cleaner, purifier, and filter comparisons and reviews. Fresh Air Machine air purifier information. Allergy and air quality improvement tips and resources.

Clean Air Plus - Offering the very best of environmental and allergy relief products available. HEPA air purifiers, natural and organic cotton pillows and mattresses, dust and pollen masks and dechlorinating shower filters.

Abundant Earth - Abundant Earth carries a wide array of organic, recycled, reused, earth-friendly, natural, and energy conserving products

The Essence of Things - Purveyors of fine, natural products for personal, home and pet care.

Recycline - Our first product, the Preserve®, is a high-quality, dentist-engineered and environment-friendly toothbrush made from 90% recycled plastics

Healthgoods - Creating a healthier lifestyle through information and products for Fitness, Healthy Home, Allergen Control, Personal Care, Nutrition, Water Quality, Energy Conservation and more..

Simple Planet - is an on-line publication of natural, simple living, and respect for the environment. Topics include organic gardening, natural health and beauty, parenting, more.

Body Detox, Body Health

new2(1).gif (111 bytes) Wysong Naturals - Get rid of dangerous toxins by switching to all natural body products - All natural deoderant, shampoos, soaps, pet beauty products and more. Save 10% on all purchases at with code AFFLOVE10. This coupon is valid through 5/31/2011.

Convictions of the Heart -Convictions of the Heart is an environmental health company that’s informative and offers all natural products. Our goal is to inform you on the proper precautions you can take everyday to live a happier healthier lifestyle as well as protect our planet.

Ultimate Colon Cleanser Special Offer: Buy Two, Get One FREE

Humble Bee Health - Online health source for simple all natural body detoxing/cleansing and other organic/natural health products.

Honey Bee Gardens : All Natural Herbal Bath and Body Products

Try Ultimate Colon Cleanser:  Did you know parasites outrank cancer as man's deadliest enemy worldwide? All-Natural Body Cleanse

Soully Created - Holistic health practioner, hemp health products, Ear Candles ( ear candling ) Hempseed oil soaps & massageoils & washcloths,  teaches ear candling.

Natural Moor Mud Bath - 100% natural, no additives or preservatives detoxifying moor mud bath from Torf Spa. Moor mud bath removes heavy metal toxins thanks to its chelatic properties. Home use. Eco safe.

Indikah Hemp Indikah Hemp perfumes and colognes. Hemp oil and essential oil blends...Northern Lights...Irie...Patchouli...Zen

 Ecozone - Everything eco at this socially conscious online shopping store. Handmade soaps, eco ball, bodycare, new age music, books, natural cosmetics, gifts, vitamins, herbs, minerals.




Vitamins/Herbal Care/Natural Hormone/Alternative Medicine

natural beauty Quantum Crush Herb Grinder - Powerful neodymium magnets installed for odor and spill control. Magnetic lids hold keep your grinder in place. Grinders include High­-Grade O-­Rings to prevent rubbing and friction-ensuring a smooth grind. The huge compartment holds up to 5 tablespoons of herbs.

natural beauty The Best Salvia - Huge Salvia Selection For anyone interested in learning more about it’s divine history please visit the following link for a more in depth explanation on the, Effects, After Effects, Chemistry, Methods Of Ingestion, Botany and Legality regulations.

natural beauty Health Kismet Health Kismet makes Incredible Greens, a condensed superfood powder that combines raw spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and much more into a mild tasting powder. It tastes great, is outrageously healthy, and comes entirely from vegan, GMO-free food sources. all natural body products. The coupon code "happyhippie" can be used for a 50% discount.

Inspirin: Got Pain?  Aspirin gets inspired, goes wholefoods, becomes Virtual Massage.  Hemp Seeds and Phytoplankton in one, loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. Discover Inspirin Today.

GreenPack Nutrition Premium natural supplements in 100% biodegradable GreenPacks. GreenPacks offer a sustainable, eco-friendly, way to replenish your vitamin and herbal supplements

natural beauty Aviva Natural Health - Everything for healthy living. Aviva promotes a holistic approach to your health and well-being through proper nutrition and a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Rose of Sharon Acres Tooth Chips - Soap for Teeth - a Natural & Safe toothpaste
alternative for cleaning teeth. Use coupon code 'spritz' for 20% off Tooth Chips - Spritz

Ely Organics - organic products you can trust! Certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic and nutritional products. Mom owned, carbon neutral, home based business committed to our customers and the welfare of the planet.

KIDSWELLNESS - Means getting kids healthy, naturally!  Natural homeopathic remedies for kids.

Healthy Living at Save With Green
Go green at Save With Green, read up on healthy living tips and learn how going green can make a difference to help save Mother Earth.

Monterey Bay Spice Company - Bulk herbs, spices, herbal teas, potpourri, essential oils

Green Dragon Herbals - Essential oils blends from magical to the unordinary, massage oils & herbal amulets. 10% goes to local wild animal sanctuary.

Meditation & Holistic Learning

» Radiant Balance offers counseling, support and inspiration for discovering the joy and freedom of healthy living. Learn to eat well, care for yourself, align your lifestyle with your deepest values, and live your precious life to the fullest!

The Share Guide The Share Guide, a free holistic health magazine and alternative medicine directory. The focus of this holistic website is health and wellness, education, self-help, spirituality, and environmental awareness.

OmPlace - The Conscious Living Directory, Yellow Pages and Marketplace, focuses on Healing Arts, Health and Well-being, Body-Mind-Spirit, Ecology, Social Issues, Metaphysics, Recycling, Spirit Cards, Yoga, Massage, Sustainable Living, Eco Travel, Meditation and more.

The Healthy New Age Success and Creativity Center - Alternative healing, holistic health and new age spirituality. Hemp foods and hemp clothing, aromatherapy, herbs, enzymes, organic bedding, and the original Intrasound Gel and Powder.

DreamHawk - Dreams, yoga and the inner life - with massive information and complete books to download.

Feminine Hygeine Products

Sea Pearls - Jade and Pearl offers natural reusable sea sponge tampons that are safe, Dioxin and rayon free alternative to ordinary single use tampons.



Health Services:

Good - or Minerva De Lauren, L.Ac., provides in-home acupuncture treatment in the San Diego area. Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Vitamins

Soully Created - Holistic health practioner, hemp health products, Ear Candles ( ear candling ) Hempseed oil soaps & massageoils & washcloths,  teaches ear candling.

»  Anxiety Busters - Drug-Free, All Natural approach to the anxiety condition. Free Anxiety Helpline, Free Consultations and Free Phone Support and Counseling




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