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Product Review: Treasures of Mother Earth - Handmade Soaps and Candles was thrilled to review Treasures of Mother Earth, parent company to Soaps of Mother Earth and Candles of Mother Earth. Ronda, owner and handmade soap and candle creator extraodinaire, sent us a selection of soaps, lotions, bath salt, and a candle to test. The package arrived with said samples, and recycled materials were used for packaging which received a huge green thumbs up from us.

Soaps: Shea Lavender and Organic Lavender Lemon Soap

Soaps of Mother Earth, based out of Klamath Falls, Oregon, creates 100% natural, handmade soaps out of the finest natural ingredients. Soaps are created in small batches, and natural essential oils are used (never synthetic). The soaps come wrapped in a signature Soaps of Mother Earth paper label, and are crisply cut.

We sampled the Organic Lavender Lemon Soap first. The soap is silky, smells wonderful and fresh, and rinses off clean leaving skin soft. We could tell a lot of care was taken in creating this thoughtful blend. The Shea Lavender soap also gave a soft sudsy rinse, and left skin moisturized, and not sticky or dry. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day, Ronda's soaps are great to give. They also very cost effective, as many handmade soaps are in the $4 range! She is also offering some discounts right now:

Get 20% off any purchases of $40.00 or more before shipping. Enter coupon code january. On purchases of $100.00 or more, you will also receive free shipping until January 31, 2008. Enter coupon code freeshipping.

Bees Wax Candle

The honey bee shaped all natural bees wax candle was simply put, the cutest darn thing on the planet. I cradled the sweet smelling , artistically created little candle in my hands, and it honestly took me to a happy place. The natural bees wax smells like sweet honey, and is the perfect pick-me-up in dreary weather. Bright and cheery yellow, this affordable ($5) long burning candle (30 hours!) is a work of art. Candles Of The Earth Beeswax Candles are all handmade one at a time from 100% beeswax (or in the case of eco-colored candles, 92% beeswax). They do not use additives, hardeners or fragrance.

Bath Salts

We received a sample size of "Joy" bath salts, which have Dead Sea, California and Hawaiian Alaea Pink Sea Salts; Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Grapefruit & Ylang ylang; and Dendritic salt. The grains were fine in the sample, which allowed the salts to blend quickly into the hot water giving off a beautiful floral scent. Also very reasonably priced, you may find the bath salt collection here


Lotion Bar

Ronda included a small tin labeled Lotion Bar. She added a note saying to use as a lotion, not soap. However, the lotion bar looked like a soap. I was puzzled, yet intrigued - I have never seen anything like this! The bar was stamped with a beautiful smiling sun. To be honest, I stared at it for three days wondering what do to with this. The ingredients are shea butter, beeswax and almond oil. Finally, I busted out Mr. Lotion Sun bar with a little trepidation and rubbed a little on the back of my hand. An explosion of scent was given off, and there was a slight sheen on my skin. My skin felt softer instantly. I then rubbed a little on my dry elbows, and the tops of my feet which always seem to get dry. The dryness of my skin went away instantly, and stayed moisturized, unlike lotion which is only a temporary solution. Hey, this bar was getting fun! Next I shaved my legs, and upon getting out of the shower and drying off, I applied the lotion bar on my legs. There was a nice sheen and moisturized feel, which is great in cold dry weather. If you experience dry stubborn patches or want natural silky legs, this is a great easy to use product.

Rosewood Essential Cream

Finally, Ronda included a sample of Rosewood Essential Cream. The cream is a super rich moisturizer that is not greasy. It smells absolutely divine, and eminates scents of Green Tea, Sea Kelp, Echinacea, Lavender, Cucumber & Chamomile Extracts. Check out her other great scents as well listed on her site. would like to Thank Treasures of Mother Earth for the products, and would encourage anyone who is in need of restocking their soap, lotion or candle supply to try them out. Ronda offers earth-conscious products are great prices, and even better - she is offering this coupon code to visitors!

The coupon codes are good on any order! Get 20% off any purchases of $40.00 or more before shipping. Enter coupon code january. On purchases of $100.00 or more, you will also receive free shipping until January 31, 2008. Enter coupon code freeshipping.

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