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Corntainers and Tooth Soap: Smart Eco-Friendly Inventions

Although The Greater Green owner, Joanna Livieratos, hand picks and reviews each natural item available in her online store, she was kind enough to send Happyhippie some exciting products to review. Shipped in eco-friendly recycled packaging, we unwrapped the mystery box to discover a water bottle 'made from corn', and a little packet of soap shavings called, 'Tooth Savior Soap'. What to review first, as both were so intriguing!

Brian, our resident hippie web geek, decided to try out the Tooth Savior Soap created by A Wild Soap Bar. He had just had a temporary cap put on the day before, so he was feeling exceptionally sensitive.

The instructions were to take a little shaving, of what looked like brown-green soap, and put on his toothbrush. The next step was to bite down with the molars, and then brush the bits about until they are distributed in the mouth.

Brian stated, 'The texture was surprising, as it broke down quickly and turned into smooth frothy bubbles. It felt like my mouth was being shampooed. The taste was not that thrilling to me, as I could taste 'soap'. I actually started to laugh - for all the times my mom had threatened to wash my mouth out with soap, and here I was, doing just that by my own volition.'

He continued, 'My gums were feeling sensitive, as I had just had a some dental work done the day before. However, my gums felt soothed after using the tooth soap. There was no harsh medicinal stinging sensation that comes from a regular toothpaste. I used the tooth soap later that night, and the taste wasn't as much of an issue. Using the soap shred was actually fun, because I felt like I was doing a better job brushing, as I had to get the soap from one side of my mouth to the other.'

The Tooth Savior Tooth Soap is all natural, and does NOT include flouride. If you are not aware of the flouride controversy, click here. The Tooth Soap contains wild white oak bark and organic aloe for healthy gums, french green clay to tighten gums and draw out harmful toxins, mineral rich chlorella and sea salt to aid in the re-enamelization process, and pure essential oils to kill germs and help freshen your breath.

The Corn-tainer

In a world where PET plastic bottles dominate, the PLA Corn bottle is a breath of fresh air. A new polymer made from corn resin, known as polylactic acid, or PLA, is being transformed into new earth-friendly products. Although corn farming has some damaging effects, such as intense use of GE farming, corn plastics are a preferred choice because they are compostable under commercial composting conditions (PLA will break down at 140 degrees for a period of 10 days).

The Corn-tainer bottle that we were sent, is made from 100% US-grown corn PLA (polylactic acid), which at this time is a mixed stream of non-GMO (genetically modified) and GMO corn. The benefit of this bottle is that it is NOT a one time use bottle, but a 90 time use container. The bonus is that it contains a water filter - so you can confidently drink tap water without worry of chlorine and other contaminants.

It's also cost effective - at only $8.75 per bottle, that comes out to .09 per usage. This is a much better solution than buying 90 plastic water bottles! As a frequent traveler, Brian stated, " I think this is a smart choice - the water filter in the bottle would allow me to fill up at any drinking fountain, and I can reuse it over and over. "

To get more information about the new Corntainer bottle at The Greater Green, please click here.

Thanks to The Greater Green for sharing these innovative green products with us! To take a look at all of the exciting and affordable products at The Greater Green, click here. Right now, there is a 10% OFF SALE on off all Seventh Generation products, and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.


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