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Hooked Productions Gets Us Hooked on Bamboo

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Hooked Productions Gets Us Hooked on Bamboo

I was a relatively good kid, and never complained about much. I played in the dirt, sang at the top of my lungs, and had a generally carefree kid-a-riffic experience. However, there's one thing that stands out in the brain-database of bad memories. Ranked right next to the embarrassing 'peed in my pants' episode in Kindergarten, is the pair of pants that I was forced to wear (and subsequently probably peed in.)

My mother was a lazy, yet practical shopper. Every year the thick JC Penney catalog would arrive, and she would systematically pick out every scratchy, itchy, hot and dark colored 100% polyester item made. "Durable, easy to wash, and the dark won't show the stains!", she would proclaim. I still break out into a panicked sweat when I think about those dark blue stretchy polyster pants that would always appear in my closet before every school year.

Since the day I was given access to wheels, I have never worn polyester fabric again. And, 20+ years later, I still won't wear anything other than natural fabrics. Cotton has been my preferred choice, until I was recently introduced to quality bamboo fabrics. Although bamboo is still controversial to some 'greenies', I have decided to right here, right now, say by the powers of all that is soft and natural, bamboo fabrics are a good thing. I would like to add for the record, that bamboo is grown without pesticides, and can be recycled, incinerated or digested in sewage.

Cari, from Hooked Productions sent us some shirts to try out made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. I've tried clothing made from bamboo fabrics before, and although the fabric was soft and almost 'slippery' to the touch, bamboo can be a bit sheer. However, Hooked Productions has the combo of bamboo and cotton 'just right'. The fabric is soft beyond belief, but is not sheer and 'ridgey' like other bamboo fabrics can be. The shirts hang well, and feels incredible. Once you try the bamboo/cotton combo, you will soon become 'hooked' and not want to wear anything else.

Hooked Productions also has the look, and the motto down pat. Not only do they offer up some amazingly creative designs and prints, but their trademarked slogan is 'live the life you love love the life you live'. What other advice do you need, or should one give to others in life?

Their designs and colors are strong and balanced, and have prices that are very fair.

If you're a fan of comfort, and style, then check out Hooked Production's most amazing Bamboo/Cotton shirts.

Thanks to Cari & Hooked Productions for the opportunity to fall in absolute love with the bamboo - cotton combo, and awesome designs.

To view the clothing line of t's, hoodies, pants and more, click here to visit Hooked Productions.

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