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Have a Green Halloween!

Crisp air, crunchy leaves and smiley jackolaterns greet us when we start our day, which means Halloween is almost here. The tradition is fun and exciting, but often the 'peripherals' of Halloween can lead to loads of unecessary trash that will inevitably just add more load to our landfills.

If you don't have many visitors to your home, you may want to focus on quality versus quantity. Green Halloween treats and treasures need not be purchased. Handmade items, especially those made out of recycled and natural materials can be easy, fun and inexpensive – not to mention, thoughtful. If you do decide to not offer food items, and offer treats, consider buying things that are useful and will not end up in the junk drawer.

Suggested treasures:


  • Honey Sticks (not for kids under the age of 2)
  • Boxes of Raisins or other dried fruits
  • Recyclable bagged items - some fruit leathers are packaged in recyclable plastic.
  • Spooky S’mores Clif Kid’s Organic ZBar
  • Trial size packs of dried veggie chips, like Terra Chips
  • Organic Agave Sticks
  • Organic granola/breakfast bars
  • St. Claire’s Organics
  • Yummy Earth (available in bulk)
  • Simon Candy Company (look for Naturepops organic 50-count Halloween bag)
  • Natural Candy Store (mixes available)
  • Hillside Candy (compostable wrappers)
  • Surf Sweets or Lets Do Organic organic gummy bears
  • Verdi Good’s homemade, all natural & organic caramels
  • Let’s Do Organic or Tundra Trading organic licorice bars
  • Certified organic, fair trade chocolate ladybugs
  • Crispy Cat organic candy bars
  • Bottles of juice - kids get thirsty trick-or-treating, and the container is recyclable. Stay away from juice boxes/Capri sun if possible, as these can NOT be recycled.

    If you KNOW the kids personally, and the families know you as well, why not make them a special treat that you made and wrapped up yourself?


    Over the years, kids have costumes pile up in their closets. Organize a 'costume' trade at your child's school. You'll be amazed at how many options there are, and how many people are willing to trade for ANYTHING new. Don't worry if it's last minute - ASK AROUND. Many parents are in the same boat and are still scrambling for a costume. Or, if you're crafty - convert existing clothing into a new costume.

    Trick Or Treat Bags

  • Have your child use a cloth shopper bag, or keep the same trick or treat bag to use every year if it's themed. Back in the day, we used PILLOW CASES.


  • When you're done with JACK, compost him! If the pumpkin is still fresh, bake that little guy right into a pie! What other vegetable can give you so much fun. Tasty baked and seasoned seeds, luminary light for the Spooky night, and then tasty pie or bread!

    Finally WALK, don't DRIVE to go trick or treating. Trick or treat in YOUR neighborhood, and use your feet. :)

Cool resources for how to have a Green Halloween:


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