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Green Building: Easier Than You Think

Some residential builders, and even weekend home warriors are still in denial about Green Building. Common myths about green building often dissuade a builder from going that route, but we are here to dispell the rumors.

Myth #1: Green building is too expensive.
Due to the high profile projects that we see in magazines and on TV, there is still this perception that green buildings are high end, and costly. However, there are many ways to build inexpensively, including reducing project wastes, efficient engineering and simply building a house with square footage that is useful, and not wasteful.

Myth #2: Green building is all about material selection.
When people think of "green materials", they think of hay bail, or materials with high recycled content. Although that is an important part of green buildilng, there are many materials and products to select from low VOC paint, to selecting energy efficient applicances to designing a house that best captures nature's light and energy.

Myth #3: Green building products don't work as well.
Depending on the day, a low-flow toilet may have it's issues. It's true that sometimes 1.6 gallons just won't do the job, but overall they do work and the benefits far outweigh the wastes (literally!) Green products overall are healthier, which of course is an essential factor with the cancer rate rising out of control.

Myth #4: Green Products are hard to find.
Green products are not manufactured nationwide and can be hard to purchase in some parts of the country. However, the number of green products and systems that are available has grown exponentially over the past few years to the point where there are literally hundreds—if not thousands—of mainstream green products. The internet is a great source for Green building product research.

Myth #5: Green homes are "weird" or "ugly."
Not that there is anything wrong w/ a geodesic home, or a hay bail pod structure, but we green building does not have to look like it's made from twigs. Really. In fact, many green homes today are virtually indistinguishable from "typical" homes. There are even new solar panels that blend in with roofing, and are attractive, besides incredibly effective.

Myth #6: To get into green building, you have to sign up for some sort of program or third-party certification.
Any builder, and any one can build or remodel green. There is no mandatory designation to do so at this time.

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