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Handmade Funky Jewelry by SimplyJems

Sandy of SimplyJems, is a talented artisan who custom designs beautiful handmade jewelry selections. Her style is earthy, eclectic and ultra stylish.

Perusing Sandy's awesome selection, I wanted to fill up the shopping cart, and take a second mortgage on my house. However, my heart strings kept pulling me back to this simple necklace combo (pictured to the left). I like personalized stuff. However, I can never find anything cool. Until Now.

Wanting to show my affection for my family, yet not come off looking like a 'Soccer Mom' (Sorry, Soccer Moms)... Sandy from SimplyJems sent this personalized Silver Heart Necklace. The necklace was beautifully packaged in a box with a translucent golden/brown bow, and came with a simple, pretty muslin bag. Perfect for gift giving.

Each handcrafted Thai silver heart was personalized with the letters of my choosing, which are the first initials for my husband and daughter (Brian and Breegan). The hearts are small with a rustic look (each charm measures approximately ½”), and the 'B's' are subtle. The chain is real silver, and the necklace just exudes quality. This necklace is just plain cool, and I know it will be a daily favorite.

If you're into sterling silver necklaces, check out Sandy's designs here. The Thai silver (comes from the Karen hill tribe) and Bali silver are both fair trade as well as handmade.

Here are a few other offerings from SimplyJems that are worth showing off, and are also in my 'Fantasy' shopping cart.

Here is another necklace that could easily become a staple for me. Simple, solid and has a flower on the pendant. What more could a happy hippie ask for?

Black Ebony, Turquoise & Thai Silver Pendant Necklace

This handmade necklace is made with black ebony wood with accents of Turquoise, and Thai silver (flower and clasp).

All wood used in Simply Jems jewelry does not come from endangered species and is approved for shipment by the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, and the Bureau of Animal Industries & Customs.


Tourmaline and Rhodonite Beaded Necklace

I'm crazy intro Tourmaline right now. In fact, I'm going Tourmaline mining this weekend - I kid you not! Tourmaline is found all over the world, and is considered to have healing powers from many cultures. According to the Ancient Egyptians, Tourmaline traveled along a rainbow on its way down to earth, which is why it’s sometimes called the “rainbow stone”. Tourmaline is said to have a powerful influence on love and friendship. Heating, rubbing and pressurizing Tourmaline will give it an electric charge. It is said to help dispel fear and grief, can lend itself to give tranquil sleep and enhances healing.
A beautiful matching bracelet is also available at SimplyJems


Southwest Gemstone Earrings

It's summer, and I'm highly attracted to these spicy little guys. Super fun gemstones dangle as free and light as the season. These earrings are made with (from left to right) red aventurine (it’s orange), green turquoise, blue turquoise, and carnelian (red and orange).

Each gemstone hangs from an intricate sterling silver bead from Bali and sterling silver ear wires.


SimplyJems is all about the customization. Sandy lets her customers customize much of the jewelry you see by: Gemstone, Crystal Color, Earrings Style, Clasp Style. It's hard to find designers that are so willing to do this, and she is quick too. She also offers a great line of handcrafted baby/kids jewelry, which is as cool as the adult versions.

If you're looking for a lovely, personal piece of jewelry at an affordable price, or an awesome gift for a friend or loved one, SimplyJems is a solid choice. I, for one, will 'simply' send my husband her website URL ( ) early next month, as a not-at-all-subtle birthday hint.

Thank you to Sandy at SimplyJems for allowing me to review your beautiful website, jewelry and small, woman-owned, handmade jewelry business.

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