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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products by EcoDiscoveries: Review

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Earth Friendly Cleaning a Snap with EcoDiscoveries's PeaceFrog reviews environmentally friendly cleaning products from EcoDiscoveries. EcoDiscoveries touts that they have designed the industry's most effective and safest line of enzyme and plant-based liquid cleaners for you, your family, and the environment (indoors and out).

So when PeaceFrog hunkered down to clean his house, how did the eco-friendly cleaning products do?

The EcoDiscoveries products I had the pleasure to test in my home performed every bit as well as their toxic counterparts.

The EcoDiscoveries tub and tile cleaner not only left our shower clean and sparky, but it did so without that gagging aroma that acrid taste in my mouth. This non-toxic cleaner removed the stains and water deposits, and as the tile dried, it shined like the day we put it in!!!

The EcoDiscoveries Glass cleaner was a mixed blessing. It worked SO well, that the Mrs. put me to work on all the windows in the house. This cleaner did a wonderful job on even the dirtiest of our windows, streak-free and as “clear as glass”.

To me, what most stood out about this product, was the absence of that ammonia chemical smell that so many of its toxic counterparts seem to have. It may sound weird but this cleaner makes things smell “new”.

The EcoDiscoveries Kitchen cleaner was my wife’s favorite. She claims this cleaner did everything but put the dishes away. Now as with all of the EcoDiscovery products, the pleasant fragrance exudes a “New” smell too.

The Kitchen cleaner seems to do the work of at least three different cleaners. It’s like “Armor All” for your counter tops and sink. My wife said it out performs the ceramic cook top cleaner that the manufacturer recommended. Also, a little spray on those high traffic areas on your vinyl flooring really gives the nasties a run for their money. The biggest kudos however, is the fantastic shine our kitchen had when cleaning was done. Our kitchen has never looked better, the countertops and appliances were shining like new. I am hoping this product is available in my area before my sample runs out.

Last, but not least, is the EcoDiscoveries Moldzyme cleaner. A product I’m sure that was intended for cleaning showers, I had no mold in my shower to try it out on (mold is illegal in California). So I attacked the northern exposure of my home where I tried it out on my deck. I have that composition decking, which, I’ve always liked except for the little peppery mold spots. I applied Moldzyme brushed lightly and Viola! Now my deck looks new, now, I’m wondering if these good folks have something to clean my Harley…

With prices comparable to the toxic versions at the store - there is NO excuse not to use these products. The EcoDiscoveries products are also very cost effective. You can get an EcoBathroom Kit (which includes three of their insanely good products) for only $15.98.

For more information on how you can purchase EcoDiscoveries Products, click here to visit their website.


Review by PeaceFrog.
Questions? Find PeaceFrog on the Forum.

Copyright 2008

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