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Eco Friendly School Supplies

I just received the list of required school supplies for my daughter, and was thrilled to see that there are some easy eco-friendly options this year.

If you're in the same boat, and want to green-up the school essentials list, check out these great online stores that sell earth friendly products. The best part - no standing in crazy long lines at the store, fighting over lunchpail designs.

The Green Office offers great Back-To-School supply kits for every level of student starting from Kindergarten to Teacher Supply kits.

Here is an example of the Green Student Kit (Kindergarten-2nd Grade), and the price is pretty decent considering what you get:

This kit contains eco-friendly and non-toxic school supplies including:

2 - Repocket Recycled Pocket Folders
1 - Envirotech™ 100% Recycled Wirebound Notebook
1 - Prang® Wax Crayons, Regular Size, 16/Box
1 - Classic Colors Washable Waterbased Markers, Broad Line, 8-Color Pack
1 - Earth Write® Pencil (12-pack)
1 - Foohy® Colored Pencils
1 - Washable, Nontoxic, Removable, Restickable Glue Stick
1 - KleenEarth® Steel Children's Safety Scissors
1 - 7th Generation Facial Tissues


To see more great kits, please visit The Green Office and click on Back to School Supplies at the top of their site.


Eco Friendly Lunch Bags/Pails

With all the flashy cartoon characters out there, this one has been a struggle for us, as it's hard to avoid the mainstream pull. However, by allowing my daughter to pick out a non-toxic, ultra hip lunch bag designs online, store avoided, and problem solved. Plus, the bags are too cute - last year, she got so many compliments, she felt hers was special and now loves the eco-friendly bags.

Pack a meal with our colorful range of lunch bags for kids, teens & adults. From lead-safe lunch bags to handy food containers & sandwich bags, to cool insulated lunch sacks, we offer a smart style for everyone.


Water/Juice Storage

If you're still using plastic storage containers for liquids - STOP! The plastic will leach into the juice/water and put plastic residue chemicals into your kid's bodies (See BPA Article on Dangers of Plastics) also offers reusable bottles as another smart, sustainable alternative to "use once & toss" disposables. They save you money while saving precious natural resources by cutting down on the trillions of cans and bottles trashed each year. 



If you are braving the stores, office stores like Staples now offer many recycled paper products (binders, paper, pencils) and non-toxic pens and crayons. And, if you're feeling crafty - you can make your own fun lunch bag as seen above! They are washable, and you can customize the look for your own child.

Happy Back to school & enjoy the rest of your summer!


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