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Eclipse Spa: Sexy Man Lotion & Woody Soap

When Anne Keefe, from Eclipse Spa, offered to send some Sexy Man Lotion and Woody Soap, I said ‘sign me up.’ I then informed Mr. Happy Hippie that he’d be my guinea pig for some tantalizing sounding products. The Mr. then said, “What - you don’t think I’m sexy enough?”, rolled his eyes, and went back to plodding away on the computer.

Perhaps my presentation was all wrong to him. However, when the box of products from Eclipse Spa came, the Mr. soon switched his tune. The aromatic scents wafted out of the box, and the products included: Organic “Sexy Man” Energy Lotion, Organic Bamboo Shower Gel, Eucalyptus Sandalwood and “Woody” soap.

Mr. Happy Hippie tried out both soaps in one shower session – men are efficient in that way. Upon exiting the shower, he said, “You know, I really like these – they aren’t froofy.” For those who need a translation, froofy, in urban slang, means something consisting of a feminine nature, taste, or attitude.

Passing the Mr. Happy Hippie test, I personally tried the soaps out as to provide more detail to the experience. Before even trying them, I had to appreciate that the soaps are bio-degredable, vegan and made with organic ingredients. The Woody soap contains a smidge of actual wild cedar wood bits in it – giving the soap a mild grit. Like a soft skin buffer, the grit helps brush away dead, dry skin cells leaving the skin soft and smooth. The Eucalyptus sandalwood soap also had a mild, appealing grit also giving skin a freshly scrubbed feel. Eucalyptus is known to be antibacterial & antiviral while the sandalwood exhibits a balancing and grounding effect.

Both the Woody and Eucalyptus Sandalwood soaps transcended me to a forest after a fresh rain, and the smell of cut wood and evergreens and just a touch of spice. These are manly scents, but altogether totally appealing to a woman as well. It’s often hard for me to find a soap that both of us can enjoy, and both of these scents are invigorating for me, and something I would want my man to use, and hopefully smell like afterwards.
Some soaps leave a greasy film, or don’t wash off completely. These beautiful hand-crafted soaps rinse clean, leaving skin refreshed and pure.

Sexy Man ‘Energy’ Lotion

When I informed Mr. Happy Hippie that he had to put the ‘Energy’ Lotion on after his shower, he looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “First the Woody Soap, and now Energy Lotion? What kind of web site are you running anyway?” “Just put it on – besides your skin could use it”, I commanded.

He applied the lotion to his arms and legs, and like a thirsty desert landscape, his skin absorbed it quickly. Shocked at how dry, and alienated his poor skin was, he commented on how the lotion made his skin feel better. Slightly minty with a hint of citrus, the scent was very subtle, and not overpowering. The perfect manly lotion! This lotion contains a wonderful exilir of skin nourishing oils as well, such as Sunflower oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, Tamuno oil, Sheabutter, Raspberry seed oil, Borage Oil, flaxseed oil, Evening primrose oil, and rose hip oil. Yes, all of those! It’s a wonderful absorbing cream that leaves even the most abused “manly” skin moisturized.

“ I like this lotion,” he commented. “It’s not froofy smelling.” Again, with the froofy.

This thick, creamy body moisturizer for men also contains a natural sunscreen of 18spf. Again, for a guy who doesn’t like to fuss, this a convenient all-in-one product.

The next day, I noticed the Sexy Man Energy Lotion was assigned to ‘his side’ on the vanity. This was a clear sign to back off, as he wanted to use it. Success.

Organic Bamboo Shower Gel

Finally, I told Mr. Happy Hippie that there was one more organic body product to test drive. Organic Bamboo Shower Gel. The Mr. loves shower gel, as it is another ‘efficient’ body product. The shower gel has a woodsy scent, infused with a hint of dandelion and rosemary. This is another wonderful organic product that has no synthetics, preservatives and is completely biodegradable.

With Father’s Day coming up, these body products make an excellent gift for a busy Dad. Some men tend to neglect their skin, so what better gift from a significant other than organic, earth friendly products that smell ‘manly’ and are very beneficial. And, there's nothing sexier than a man who cleans up well, but still has a manly scent.

Eclipse Spa offers many affordable organic body products that will be sure to be used and appreciated.

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