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School Fundraisers: Green Options Needed

Update: 8/29/08

Sally Foster has notified us that they are taking steps to make their business more green. We applaud them for their efforts, and hope that they continue down this path. Here is the list of steps they are taking to be more environmentally friendly.

  • 22 of our premium giftwrap papers are printed on recycled stock containing a minimum of 10% post consumer waste.
  • Our giftwrap is printed with water compliant inks that contain no ozone-depleting chemicals, no lead or other heavy materials.
  • Our giftwrap cores are not glued and are made of heavy board that unwinds making it possible to use for craft projects once your giftwrap is gone.
  • Our giftwraps are acid-free.
  • Over 78% of our giftwrap papers are recyclable & biodegradable.
  • Sally Foster has made a concerted effort to decrease the amount of plastic used in our fulfillment process.
  • Our catalogs are recyclable and the inks used to print them are soy based.
  • Our shipping boxes are biodegradable & can be recycled. And, use water based adhesives.
  • We reuse our pallets; and we bundle and recycle all our excess cardboard.
  • Soy based inks are more environmentally friendly, healthy and provide a safe approach to printing that only takes a small amount of energy to make.

You may leave feedback for them here,

They responded to us in regard to this article posted last year:

My daughter came home from school with a giant envelope containing the Sally Foster Fall 2007 GiftWrap catalog. While I want to support her school, and assist in fundraising efforts, I couldn't find a single thing I wanted in the catalog. Flipping through the pages again, I decided to buy the obligatory gift-wrap. I was shocked to see there wasn't ONE recycled-paper gift-wrap option - not one recycled symbol anywhere. In disbelief, I went to the Sally Foster website and typed in 'recycled' in the search function. Again, nada, zilch.

If I'm going to shell out $8.50 for a tube of gift-wrap, I want to feel darn well good about it. So here's a personal note to Sally Foster:

Dear Sally,

Let me be blunt - I can go to any dollar store and pick up half the crap in this catalog. Cheap totes, cheap plastic picture frames and scented candles made in China. The thing is, Sally, I don't want any of it. Wouldn't it be great, and productive, to offer quality products that are also kind on the earth and beneficial to the children hocking your products? There are beautiful recycled gift wrap paper options now, card sets and journals. There are natural soy candles that are trendy and hip. Cotton tote bags, recycled material picture frames, pens and more.

Please Sally, offer us something we can feel good about! I know there are many retailers who have these products and would be thrilled to partake in a national fundraiser program.

As for this year, Sally ol' gal, I think I'll pass on the fundraiser and support the upcoming book fair.

Happy Hippie Mom

To be fair, I called the Sally Foster Company and asked why there was no recycled gift wrap. The company represenative with a lovely southern accent sounded sympathetic, as she said they did not offer any right now, but they were looking into it for next year. She also stated that the gift wrap was acid-free and could BE recycled. Well..whew, that's good! I sincerely hope the Sally Foster organization looks hard, very hard, for eco-friendly gift products for next year's catalogs.

Green fundraising is not a foreign concept, but it's just not mainstrean..yet. Many schools choose programs such as Sally Foster because it's convenient, and they've set the marketing machine and organization into place. However, I strongly believe that once people have the option to choose beautiful items, that look good, feel good, and are eco-friendly, they will prefer to purchase these items over the garbage.

Here are some sites to investigate and mention to your local school - I know I am!

Green School Fund Raisers:

Green Coupon Book -

BeGreenNow -

And if you need gift wrap - - 100% Recycled Gift Wrap



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