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Eco Wedding Ideas

Whether you are planning your own wedding, or simply looking for some ideas for a friend, here are some easy things to do in order to have an environmentally friendly wedding.

Green Rings - Get a used ring from an estate jewelry store, one that has been passed down in the family, or buy from a company that repurposes used jewelry into new creations.

The Gown - Don't worry, the wedding dress can still be white. There are some awesome hemp wedding and organic fabric dresses out now available for all price ranges. Buying a used wedding dress, and repurposing is another great way to conserve, yet look fashionable. If you aren't planning on saving your dress after the occassion as an heirloom, donate it to charity after the wedding. Custom Eco Wedding Dresses - Check out Threadhead Creations

Bridemaids - Ask Bridemaids to donate their dresses to charities such as The Glass Slipper Project ( or the Fairy Godmothers Inc. organization (, both of which work to put dresses in the hands of underprivileged teens who can't afford a prom dress. Bridesmaid dresses - Check out Karma Rose

Maid of Honor/Bridemaids Gifts - If you are looking for something unique, and budget allows, the personalized heart charms that are rustic and funky, are super cool. Read this review here.

The Invitations - The utlimate invitation is online. It's paperless, efficient and you can link right into your wedding registry. If that's not possible, then use recycled paper invitations. Save paper by using streamlined invitations printed on recycled paper that detaches at the bottom and becomes a postcard they can mail back.

The Ceremony:

Choose an outdoor space, and make sure to tread lightly. Provide ample trashcans, and choose low impact areas to perform the ceremony. The flowers should be organic, or better yet, plants should be potted and then make it to someone's garden after the ceremony.


Good food and wine does not have to blow the budget. Although organic food can be more example, if several unique vegetarian entrees are served, the cost can be reduced, and the meal is low impact. Simple, interesting vegetarian appetizers and entrees will be sure to woo the crowd.

If food is not served on dishes, then choose disposable plates made out of sugar cane or bamboo, and utensils made from potato starch or corn plastic. Make sure there are well-marked pins to organize trash separation later into compost piles.


Please pass on the D.J. Sure it's funny to see Aunt Sally get toasted and do the funky chicken, but hiring a local band typically supports more people and encourages local music growth. Trust us, Aunt Sally will still do something funny sans the DJ. Bands are typically the same price or not much more than a DJ.


Soy candles on the table burn clean, and if you need table coverings, organic cotton napkins. Use live plants and/or bamboo centerpieces (living) surrounded with well placed cheerful flowers make a simple, elegant and green statement. LED light strands are great for evening weddings where you need some extra light and ambiance.

If you're going the gift route:

Register with an Eco-Friendly retail store, or one that supports/and offers Green Products.

Wedding Favor Ideas:

For me, favors are nice, but favors I can actually use make more green sense.

For Winter or Spring Weddings: Bulb wedding favors. Tuck bulbs in an attractively textured bag (try unbleached muslin, hand-dyed jute or burlap, or Hemp and stencil a monogram or picture of the flower in front).

Reusable Grocery Bags - have the date and a cool graphic screened on them, roll them and tie with a jute string with informational tag.

Food: Yep, good old fashion food, namely CANDY is often the most preferred. Organic fair-trade chocolate will always be a hit.

Organic Soaps wrapped in hemp or jute - smell awesome and again, the useful factor is high on this one.

Carbon Offsets: Buy Carbon Offsets for your wedding based on the average distance that people are traveling to your event, and based on the number of people. A little notice on each table stating this will not only enlighten your guests, but give them ideas for their own future events, or office parties.

Remember the Wedding with a beautiful journal:

A recycled paper journal to hold the memories. Look for 100% recycled paper journals that have archival paper. For example: Custom Printed Journals at Bridget Bullen



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